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Quality Software is Like a Mosaic — All the Pieces Fit.

Mosaic Solutions:

Test Planning and Execution:  We can supply a test team or fill any resource gaps in your test team. >>more

Mosaic’s Testing/Test Automation Framework:   Mosaic’s patent-pending, ready-to-implement test framework provides the highest level of reuse in the industry.  Your tests, test data, and automation scripts will be fully reusable.  Moreover, you can use commercial, open source, and/or home grown automation tools.  >>more

Test Data Management:  Rather than store your input and expected results test data in numerous, difficult to maintain spreadsheets, use the power of a database to make your test data reusable and maintainable.  >>more

Looking for a user friendly, robust test planning tool?  an alternative to QC?  a  framework for  Selenium?  Check out RSTAR™>>morex

Sizing Systems using Testable Requirements:  Mosaic has pioneered the use of testable requirements to measure the size of a system.  >>more


Mosaic’s patent SOFTWARE TESTING SUPPORTING HIGH REUSE OF TEST DATA (U.S. Pat. No. 8,677,320)  issued on March 18, 2014.   >>more

RSTAR™ at a glance >>more

See RSTAR™ in action:


Beyond keyword and data-driven testing -- see 5 ways RSTAR™ is different. >>more

Mosaic’s testing framework achieves full reuse of testing assets!  Watch our video and see the benefits!  Why Full Reuse™

Karen Johns, Director at Mosaic contributes “Cost Reduction through Reusable Test Assets” to the newly published book “How to Reduce the Cost of Testing”>>more


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