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SolutionsRisked-based solutions to address the challenges faced by your mission-critical projects.

Mosaic Service Areas Include:

Services and solutions designed to address project specific risk management challenges.

Services and solutions to ensure systems are effectively and efficiently tested.

Comprehensive automation solutions that directly address the issues that make most automation efforts fail.  Mosaic’s skilled resources offer expertise in both functional and performance test automation.

Project success requires both a process that fits the project’s risk profile and support to ensure the process is followed.  Mosaic’s quality assurance services and solutions are designed to accomplish this. 

Mosaic, Inc.'s measurement services are designed to establish an ongoing measurement program that will give management the hard quantitative information that is needed to make informed decisions.

Mosaic offers training classes and management seminars in testing and in sizing systems with testable requirements.  Our courses include detailed exercises to provide hands-on practice with the principles presented.

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