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Value-Added Services
Bringing ALL the Pieces Together

    • Consistent High Quality
    • Testing and QA Specialists
    • Attentive Client Support
    • Field-Proven Intellectual Property

Mosaic was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Chicago, IL. 

We help our clients reduce the risk of developing and maintaining complex software systems.  Testing is our most popular service area, but we also have extensive quality assurance and measurement capabilities.

Why Mosaic Is Different

Every consulting company claims to be different.  Few really are.  We believe our business model and our intellectual property differentiate us and allow us to provide a higher value service than our competitors.  The benefits to our clients are substantial.

Business Model

Mosaic’s value-added business model is different from most staff augmentation and consulting firms.

  • Staff augmentation firms supply people but do not take on any responsibility and the expertise provided is dependent on the individual consultant’s expertise.
  • Most consulting companies want to take control of an entire project.

In contrast, Mosaic’s value-added model:

  • Can supply experienced testing professionals to work under direct client supervision, but can also staff and manage an entire test team.
  • Partners with our clients to provide the best solution for their needs.
  • Emphasizes transferring knowledge to our clients through field-proven testing and QA specialists supported by extensive intellectual property.

Intellectual Property

A few examples of our intellectual property include:

  • Our MSTAR® testing methodology – the most advanced and comprehensive in the industry.  >>more
  • Our testing/test automation framework – the most practical and robust in the industry.  >>more
  • Our DSTAR™ test data management tool.  >>more
  • Our RSTAR™ test planning tool designed to maximize reuse of testing assets.  >>more
  • We have introduced and pioneered the use of testable requirements as a measure of system size.  >>more


The benefits of our expertise and services include:

  • More efficient and effective testing.
  • Better understanding and control of system requirements.
  • Transfer of knowledge to client staff.
  • More successful projects.
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