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Mosaic’s Data Store for Testing and Automated Regression (DSTAR™)

Test Data Management for Cost-Effective Manual and Automated Testing

Protected by U.S. Pat. No. 8,677,320

  • What Is DSTAR?

    DSTAR™, Mosaic’s Data Store for Testing and Automated Regression, is a central repository for creating, maintaining, and managing your reusable input and expected results test data.   DSTAR™ solves an  industry problem ignored by other testing  tools — the managed creation, linking and maintenance of the test data needed by your manual and/or automated tests.   DSTAR™ interfaces as an add-on to HP Quality Center or through Mosaic’s Reusable Software Testing and Automation Repository, RSTAR™.

    DSTAR  - Managed Test DataDSTAR™  eliminates premature binding of test data to tests by managing the test data as reusable assets in a database.  This enables Full Reuse™ of all your testing assets: tests, scripts and the test data facilitating:

    • Test cases that are easy to maintain and reuse!
    • Control of dynamic and hard to manage test data!
    • Automation you can maintain and manage!

    The cost savings can be substantial.



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