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Full Reuse™ – The difference is reusable test data.

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  • What Is RSTAR?

    RSTAR™ is a central repository for planning, creating, maintaining, and managing your reusable testing assets. RSTAR™ also includes test execution support, tracking of test execution results, defect capture and management reportin

    See RSTAR™ in action:

    Create Executable Test

    Assign Test Data

    Execute the Test


    RSTAR™ is designed to achieve Full Reuse™ of your testing assets.  It includes:

    • Planning support for creating and maintaining reusable tests and test data.
    • Execution support for assembling the tests and test data into executable tests.
    • Test execution support for executing tests and capturing results and defects for both automated and manual tests.

    Moreover, RSTAR™ directly integrates with control programs for numerous automation tools including industry tools (e.g., QTP), open source (e.g., Selenium) and even your own proprietary tools.

    RSTAR Screen Shot Assign Data ResampledRSTAR™ provides a flexible yet powerful framework for Full Reuse™ of your testing deliverables.  Full Reuse™ minimizes the number of manual tests, automation scripts and test data required to meet your test coverage needs.  With fewer test assets to maintain, costs are significantly lower. 

    RSTAR™ goes beyond keyword-driven and data-driven testing and provides a new approach – object-driven testing.  The key is reusable test data!  Robust test data – the input and expected results needed by your tests – is critical for effective testing, but is notoriously complex, volatile and difficult to maintain.  You’ve been paying the price of redundant test data, now Mosaic has a solution.



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