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MSTAR® and the IBM Rational Unified Process  (RUP®)

Mosaic’s Structured Testing and Assessment Repository (MSTAR®) is a proven testing methodology providing state-of-the-art testing processes.  The IBM Rational Unified Process (RUP®) is a comprehensive software development  methodology incorporating state-of-the-art development processes.  Much interest has been expressed on how these two powerful methodologies fit together.  This paper describes how MSTAR® complements and extends the power of RUP®.


RUP® places a high value on testing early and continuously to measure and provide feedback on the developed product’s quality.  RUP® includes a testing discipline that is responsible for iteratively performing the required testing. This discipline is supported by quality concepts and presents testing as a critical risk management technique. While the RUP® testing discipline represents a good iterative testing approach for software quality, it does not provide the depth of testing guidance needed to ensure that testing consistently meets its quality objectives across all projects.

MSTAR® shares RUP®’s vision of early and continuous testing and is supported by similar quality concepts. MSTAR® encompasses industry-recognized testing activities based on years of experience focused on developing testing expertise. With this expertise, MSTAR® offers a depth of guidance, best practices and support that transforms RUP®’s testing discipline into a comprehensive, consistent and highly effective risk management tool. The following table summarizes the testing support provided by RUP® and MSTAR® for the key testing activities. This table reflects RUP®’s most current testing discipline.

As illustrated in the previous table, MSTAR® and RUP® support the same quality testing workflow, but MSTAR® completes and extends the RUP® process with comprehensive guidelines, templates and samples based on industry testing experience.

To read the entire paper, please email us for the white paper. We offer white papers for both the current version and prior (2002) version of RUP®.

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