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Software systems today are the lifeline of most organizations.  Today more than ever management needs more visibility into development and maintenance of these critical systems.  Measurement is the key.  A reliable size estimate is the first step.  Understanding the size of a system is the foundation for more reliable estimates, improved visibility and control of system changes, measurement of productivity, and ensuring control and accountability of outsourced work. 

TR Sizing MatrixDespite their significant and well documented problems, Lines of Code (LOC) and Function Points (FP) have long been the only standard measures of size.  Now there is a better way to size systems. 

Mosaic has pioneered a more practical and intuitive measure of size - testable requirements.  Requirements are the capabilities necessary for a system to meet its objectives.  Testable requirements are requirements that are precise, unambiguous, and not divisible into lower level requirements.  Count up the number of testable requirements and you have a reliable measure of the size of a system. 

Don’t have detailed requirements specified?  TR Sizer™ is designed to help you estimate the size of the system - even when the requirements are not documented.  And it highlights priorities for clarifying requirements.

Key Benefits

TR Sizer™ facilitates a process to estimate the size of the system in terms of testable requirements.  This process enables a reliable sizing of the system as early as the initiation of a project with no dependency on the level of documented requirements.  A testable requirements size measure provides many benefits.  With a testable requirements size measure you can:TR Sizer Baseline Totals Small

  • Capture and Communicate the System Size – TR Sizer™ produces a size measure that is easily understood by management, developers, testing staff and end users.
  • Analyze Risks – TR Sizer™ analyzes requirements risk based on the sizing and identifies potential requirements gaps.
  • Manage Change – TR Sizer™ allows you to capture the assumptions on which the size estimate is based so as the size changes the reasons for the change can be clearly documented.
  • Recognize and Control Scope Creep – TR Sizer™ maintains a baseline of the system size so as the requirements change, the impact of the change in terms of system size can be highlighted and managed -- eliminating unrecognized changes.
  • Create Metrics Across Varying Technologies – The testable requirements measure is independent of programming languages and technologies allowing measurement across all components of your system.

Who Can Benefit from TR Sizer™?

TR Sizer™ is beneficial to all levels of management.  After the system has been sized, the work effort and resources needed become easier to estimate.  The determination of the system size is also beneficial to project managers for estimating, change management, risk management, and scope control.

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