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MSTAR® Tool-Independent Object-Driven Architecture

Protected by U.S. Pat. No. 8,677,320

MSTAR_Repository_SmallMosaic’s MSTAR® Object-Driven Architecture Repository provides detailed guidance for implementing Mosaic’s advanced object-driven architecture.  Mosaic’s architecture addresses the need to regression test large mission-critical systems quickly and thoroughly with:

Mosaic’s object-driven architecture is available in two ready-to-use frameworks:

  1. Mosaic’s Framework for HP Quality Center
  2. Mosaic’s RSTAR™ Object-Driven Framework

The MSTAR® Object-Driven Architecture Repository details how to implement our reusable test planning, test data management and test automation architecture using either Mosaic’s Reusable Software Testing and Automation Repository RSTAR™ or HP Quality Center.  The repository is available as an add-on to MSTAR® or standalone.  In addition, it is available with DSTAR™, our add-on for HP Quality Center or with RSTAR™.  Adding RSTAR™ or  DSTAR™, provides a complete solution for efficient and effective manual and automated testing.


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