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Automate the TestingDevelopment practices are becoming more and more iterative as the advantages of a more agile approach are recognized.  Systems changes are also an increasingly important strategic factor in meeting business objectives.  These trends require continuous regression testing to meet the risk management needs of these systems. Effective use of technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing is a critical core competency.

Unfortunately, test automation is a two-edged sword; it can be a cost-effective solution or a non-effective drain on your time and money.  With decades of experience testing with available automation tools and technical solutions, Mosaic has developed a field-proven architecture for practical and cost-effective automation.  Our process also includes the planning needed to ensure technology is applied appropriately based on project risk.

Mosaic can supply individual consultants to assist in your automation efforts or Mosaic can provide the expertise to develop, implement and support an automation architecture to fit your unique needs.  Typical engagements include:

  • Test Automation Support: Design, create, document, and execute automated test scripts to provide an automated regression testing capability for your mission-critical systems.  This service integrates closely with the manual testing to ensure that the automation properly supports the entire testing solution.
  • Test Automation Planning: Assist with the development of a test automation strategy within an organization or for a specific project including determination of appropriate applications for automation, development of an automation plan, and development and documentation of an automation architecture and process.  The test automation strategy is integrated with the entire test planning effort to ensure the automation meets the risk management needs of the organization and/or the project.
  • Tool Selection and Implementation: Assist with the selection of the most effective testing tools based on your practices, standards, procedures, and technical environment.  We can then support tool setup, training and implementation into an effective test automation architecture.
  • Test Automation Training: Transfer test automation knowledge with on-site training.

Why Mosaic is different:

Mosaic’s has developed an object-driven test automation architecture that addresses the key challenges that often cause automation efforts to fail:

  • High-cost of maintaining the automation components.
  • Lack of expensive test automation resources.
  • Inability to keep test data in sync with the automation.
  • Poor communication between the manual testers and the automation resources.

To support our proven approach, we offer a complete test automation solution including:

  • A proven, documented process with an integrated test automation framework.
  • DSTAR™, a software product that manages test data and enables Full Reuse™ of test assets.
  • Specific guidance for how to use various industry test automation tools most effectively.
  • Testing Specialists who can transfer knowledge to your staff.

We directly support implementation of our approach using HP Quality Center with an add-on to Quality Center.  For other automation suites, we provide  RSTAR™ to implement the process with all major test automation tools. 

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