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Real World TrainingMosaic offers training classes and management seminars in testing and in sizing systems with testable requirements. Our courses include detailed exercises to provide hands-on practice with the principles presented.

Target Audience

Course Description

Principles of Testing - A Management Overview

Senior IT Managers, Users, Project Managers

 Duration: 2-3 hours

This seminar is designed to educate senior managers on the concepts and approaches needed for effective and efficient testing of today’s software systems.

Effective Software Testing

Testers, Project Leaders, Analysts, Programmers, Users

 Duration: 2 days

This course provides a comprehensive overview of MSTAR®, Mosaic’s field-proven risk-based testing process. Exercises and instructors experienced with the testing process provide in-depth, practical guidance on developing and executing test strategies and test plans. Participants learn how to plan test scenarios and test data as reusable assets to improve test efficiency and position their tests for automation. Testing techniques applicable to all types of applications, including thin client systems and e-commerce projects, are presented. Participants also learn ways to measure progress and use defect information to improve the effectiveness of the testing process.

Effective Test Automation

Senior IT Managers, Project Managers, Test Managers, Testers

 Duration: 2 hours

With the pressures to test more faster to meet the challenges of today’s systems, developing a strategy for automation is a mission-critical activity. But maintenance and resource issues often prevent companies from achieving the promised benefits. This seminar is based on our industry and client experiences successfully automating the testing of large mission-critical systems.  It describes a field-proven approach to overcome the automation challenges to achieve the promised cost savings and reduction in defects.

Sizing Software Systems With Testable Requirements - A Management Overview

Senior IT Managers, Users, Project Managers

 Duration: 2 hours

Measurement can be a valuable tool to identify risk, control cost and produce quality products. A sizing measure is fundamental to measuring productivity and normalizing metrics across projects. This seminar is designed to educate senior managers on the concepts and approaches needed to size software systems using testable requirements.

Estimating System Size With Testable Requirements

Testers, Project Leaders, Analysts, Programmers, and Users

 Duration: 1-day

This course describes testable requirements as a measurement tool and walks through the process for estimating the size of a software system using testable requirements. Exercises provide hands-on experience with the sizing process.  Use of the testable requirements size estimate throughout the software development life cycle is also discussed.

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